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Here’s how 2021 Affected Envision Hospice & Home Health Care

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2021 was certainly a whirlwind for us all. When we look back as a team, we see a year of great challenges for Envision Hospice, but also great growth and hope. Here are a few of the ways Envision Hospice rose to face the challenges of 2021 head-on. 

Envision staff goes above and beyond

The biggest change for Envision Hospice and the hospice industry as a whole has been the impact of COVID. We are dedicated to providing the same high level of compassion and care during the pandemic while also doing our part to keep our vulnerable patients safe.

2021 calendar with a face mask and bottle of hand sanitizer

During the COVID age, Envision Hospice has taken more precautions to ensure that our patients remain healthy and safe. Envision Hospice staff follows all infection control guidelines as instructed by CDC, including not going to families or patients’ homes when they’ve been exposed. 

Nurses still visit hospice patients with full personal protective equipment (PPE) and follow all CDC guidelines. We check on patients regardless of whether they are COVID positive or not to help them receive the highest level of care.  

Taking technology to the next level

We utilize more technology rather than in-person visits when it comes to social care workers and spiritual caregivers. Envision Hospice spiritual caregivers and social care workers are always there to provide emotional support, advice, and help with funeral arrangements over the phone, along with any prayers or spiritual care. We limited their in-person contact in an effort to keep Envision Hospice staff healthy and not exposed while still giving the patients the support they need. 

These guidelines come with their challenges, but Envision Hospice team members came together to support each other during this new season and we put our efforts into communication and coordination. 

Woman in hospice has a virtual doctors appointment in 2021

Choosing hospice care over hospital care

Because of visitor limitations in hospitals, we’ve seen an increase in people choosing hospice care. Hospice provides a comfortable and professional environment for individuals with life-limiting illnesses to decide how they want to spend their time. 

Many people are grateful for the peaceful and family-focused nature of hospice care and prefer that to an often stressful and clinical hospital environment. Hospice care allows individuals to spend more time surrounded by the people who matter most. 

Even though hospice care allows more visitors than hospitals, we still take the utmost precautions when it comes to our patients, and this brings its own challenges. 

For example, when a patient’s family member tests positive, they shouldn’t go visit their loved one in hospice care. Large numbers of people gathering to visit their loved one can present difficulties as well if someone tests positive for COVID and then visitations are limited. 

Despite the challenges, we were encouraged by our team’s ability to pull together, communicate well, and create an atmosphere of comfort and care. 

Learn more about hospice care

Choosing hospice care puts control back into the patient’s hands. During a time when a medical diagnosis seems overwhelming, hospice care can be a beacon of hope for someone with a life-limiting illness. 

We know that choosing hospice care isn’t easy, so we’re here to do everything we can to help. We offer free consultations with an expert so that you can have all the information you need. 

Contact us online today or call (915) 265-0051 to see how Envision Hospice can help your loved one receive kindhearted hospice care. 

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