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Here’s How Envision Hospice Got Its Start

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Behind the scenes at Envision Hospice, we have a dedicated team that’s full of love for El Paso. Our founders had a vision to create a place where high-quality end-of-life care was accessible to all. For more than 15 years, we have been living out that dream and are proud of the work we have done.

A Pressing Need

Before founding Envision Hospice, Juan Carmona worked in marketing for a national hospice chain, where he first interacted with people going through the hospice process.

Through these meetings with families and talking to patients, Juan realized just how important it was to be able to provide end-of -life care to his community. Dealing with a life-limiting illness was difficult for these families, but it was also a special time. He saw the relief that families felt when they knew someone would be with them through it all.

The national company he was working for was effective, but it wasn’t able to meet the needs of the community in the same way that an El Paso native could.

A Bright Start

Happy couple walking togetherAfter several years of working with the national chain, Juan began dreaming about what it would be like to start his own hospice care business, one that was able to provide personalized attention for all patients and was focused on the culture in El Paso.

The road to creating a company from scratch was difficult, but the effort was all worth it. The hardest obstacle was convincing the local medical community to give Envision Hospice an opportunity.

Juan knew that creating good relationships within the medical community would be the key to success. When Dr. Gomez, one of the top oncologists in the city, became the medical director at Envision Hospice, Juan was thrilled. This important partnership opened doors for Envision Hospice in the community and led to solid networks with hospitals and specialists in the area.

All in the family

Networking wasn’t the only area that Juan focused on improving.

“Someone told me long ago that in any health care industry, you’ll only be as successful as your nurses are,” says Juan. He knew that in order to help his nursing staff thrive, he needed to call on the nurse he trusted the most, his sister Claudia Gallardo.

Before joining her brother at Envision Hospice, Claudia worked as a nurse in a hospital setting for 15 years. Through her work, she came to appreciate the need for quality end-of-life care and the impact that it can have on a community. As a nurse, Claudia saw how implementing a cookie-cutter type of medical program across the country failed to meet the needs of individuals in her community.

Eventually, Juan and Claudia’s brother, Jose Luis, also joined the team at Envision Hospice. Now, they all are able to pursue their passion for quality hospice care together.

“It’s a neat thing to be able to make a difference in your community alongside your family,” says Juan.

A Different Focus

Woman in hospice care holds hands with a nurseJuan started Envision Hospice because he had a clear opportunity to be able to provide personalized care to El Paso patients without having to conform to a corporation that doesn’t understand the community.

Making a difference one life at a time is more than just a motto at Envision Hospice — it’s our whole mission. Juan wanted Envision Hospice to provide each patient with personalized end-of-life care regardless of the complexity of the illness or cost of care.

Throughout the years, Envision Hospice has even been able to provide cost-free care to many patients who were unable to afford their services. This is just one way that the team at Envision stands out from other hospice providers in the area.

Instead of looking at the industry standards to decide what care a family receives, we at Envision Hospice consider the family needs to determine how to provide care. That’s why we provide holistic end-of-life care by moving beyond traditional approaches and incorporating options like aromatherapy and massage therapy for families.

A Solid Future

Envision Hospice has always been focused on serving people. Our company is built on the belief that all people, regardless of circumstance, deserve compassionate hospice care.

At Envision Hospice, we’ve added elements to our program that set us apart from other hospice companies in the area. Because of our holistic approach, we easily meet all of the benchmarks for quality care set by Medicare.

Our influence in the community has grown largely through word of mouth as families and medical workers see the difference that Envision Hospice has made. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

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