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How You Can Prepare for End of Life Care Issues and Challenges

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Making the decision to place a family member or loved one in hospice care is one of the most difficult decisions a person, or family, can face. Once you’ve decided to pursue hospice care, you might enter into it with certain expectations. Even with the best hospice services, you may discover end of life care issues and challenges you hadn’t previously considered. 

Hospice care doesn’t mean you’re giving up on a loved one, nor will it necessarily make end of life decisions easier. However, it will ensure your loved one receives quality care and comfort they need when facing life-limiting illness.

At Envision Hospice, we want you to enter into this process fully informed so that we can work together to provide the best possible care for your loved one in this difficult time.

Shift Your Perspective of Hospice Care

Many people assume that as soon as a family member or loved one enters hospice care, they are going to pass quickly. This is a common misconception and, as a result, many people have a negative association with hospice care. It can cause families to feel like they are giving up on their loved one. This is not true! 

In some cases, people in hospice care can live longer and more comfortably. In fact, hospice care can be provided for patients with a life expectancy of up to six months. 

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Perhaps you can no longer manage the full care your loved one needs, or you need help from someone who is equipped to support those with life-limiting illness. We focus on providing personalized, compassionate care at Envision Hospice to help your loved one be as comfortable as possible, for as long as is needed.

Every situation is different, but you don’t have to wait to consider when is the best time to pursue hospice care. In fact, it’s helpful to start the conversation early when a loved one is faced with a life-limiting illness. At Envision Hospice, we can help you explore options and set expectations to help you decide at what point it’s best for your loved one—and for you—to begin their end of life care.

Set Appropriate Expectations

Many people have different expectations of what hospice care might look like. Some expect to have a caregiver by their loved one’s side 24/7. Contrary to what many think, hospice care does not mean 24-hour care. 

Whether hospice care is being given at home or in a nursing home or assisted living facility, there are different levels of care depending on each person’s situation. Someone may not be physically at your loved one’s side every minute, but rest assured, we have a doctor and care team on call at all times. 

It’s important to enter into hospice care with a clear understanding of when caregivers will be available, how long they will stay, and the type of care they will provide. Talk with your hospice care team about these services and your expectations. It’s important to be honest about what you’re looking for, and to work with caregivers to reach a common understanding. 

Understand the End of Life Care Plan

Talking through your family member or loved one’s end of life care plan, and all possible options within that, can help in minimizing end of life care issues and challenges. Work with your hospice care team to ensure you understand all aspects of care and how they align with your expectations. At Envision Hospice, we understand what a difficult time this can be for families, and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about the hospice care process. 

We can’t ease all the pain and grief, but we can support you along the way. Like you, we want to ensure the best care and quality of life for your loved one. 

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