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It Takes A Village – Why Multidisciplinary Care?

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When considering hospice care, people often worry that their loved one will receive some medical care, and be left on their own to care for the rest of their needs. This worry can stem from previous medical experiences or stories told to them by friends or family. We get it. 

You want the best for your loved one. That’s why you may be considering hospice care. At Envision hospice, we want the best for your loved one, too. And that’s why your hospice care team does more than care for their medical needs. Envision Hospice embraces all of the patient’s needs and surrounds the family with support. 

What’s our strategy? How do we support the patient and family so completely? The answer is multidisciplinary care. Allow us to introduce you to the 10 support roles available to your family through Envision Hospice.

1. Your Physician 

Your doctor knows you. She or he understands your medical needs, history, and expectations. It is important for us to get a firm comprehension of your unique situation and requirements, and your doctor is a great resource to us. Your doctor can act as an advocate and referral throughout the process.

2. Envision Hospice Physician

In addition to your personal physician, Envision hospice provides doctors who specialize in the specific needs of hospice care patients. These care providers are experienced in end-of-life care. They’re familiar with the process and support needed. Your personal physician and your Envision hospice physician can collaborate to craft the best plan for you. To learn more about our doctors, meet the team here. 

3. Nurses

Nurses are a vital part of the hospice care team. They provide direct care to the patient and overall support to the family. Our nurses are compassionate, gentle, and relatable. Caregivers at their core, our nursing team envelops their patients with nurturing and good humor. In general terms, hospice nurses provide ongoing medical care wherever the patient resides (at home or in a facility). In hospice care, the goal is to keep the patient as pain-free as possible and promote comfort and peace. This can be achieved through administering medication, tending to wounds, keeping documentation of care, and supporting the overall health of the patient. 

4. Certified Nurse Aides

A nursing aide, or nursing assistant, is a certified and experienced professional who tends to many of the comfort and daily living tasks. Nurse aides can assist patients with dressing, mobility, bathing, and other activities that may be challenging for the patient to do themselves. Nurse aides typically work with a nurse, and are great at providing emotional support to the patient. 


5. Social Workers

People can feel nervous about having a social worker. The term sounds so official and conjures up images of paperwork. However, social workers take the paperwork and the process involved and make them more personal. They can help families and patients understand more about the process they’re going through and can give some much-needed emotional support. Social workers can also provide counseling and therapy during this challenging time. The hospice care team runs smoothly through the work of social workers. 

6. Chaplains

Spiritual care is offered to all patients and families through our chaplaincy. Whether or not a patient or family is religious, we believe that every person can benefit from spiritual care. One does not need to belong to a church or religious denomination to receive the comforting service provided by our chaplains. Patients and chaplains often develop friendships and find camaraderie through reflection on the past, prayer, or family conflict resolution. Even patients who are hesitant to see a chaplain report a positive experience. To help feel a peace of mind and spirit, our chaplains are a great support to patients.

7. Volunteers

At Envision Hospice, we have a team of wonderful volunteers who donate their time and efforts to the well-being of our patients. Our volunteers work behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly and promote our message of respectful, holistic care. Whether our volunteers are family members of patients or simply people who want to make a difference, we are so thankful for them.

8. Pharmacists

On the hospice care team, the pharmacist plays an important role in the patient’s medical care. He or she collaborates with the nursing team to assess the need for medications. They educate the team on medicine as well, and ensure that the patients have any pain relief required. By working directly with our team’s pharmacists, we are able to make certain our patients get the medications they need in a timely manner.

9. Equipment Specialists

Where there is equipment, there must be a specialist. This is especially true on a hospice care team. Our patients come with a variety of unique needs that can be met through special equipment, like hospital beds, shower chairs, or wheelchairs, to name a few. Our patients rely on equipment like this, which is why their functioning and availability are so important. Equipment specialists make sure our patients have access to the equipment they need to be comfortable. They can also ensure that any needed maintenance is taken care of quickly.

10. Massage Therapists and Aromatherapists

At Envision hospice, we take pride in the comfort and peace experienced by our patients. We are proud to offer massage and aroma therapies as part of our care plans. When a patient has limited mobility, it can bring their families relief to provide their loved ones with an in-home massage. We know that self-care, pain relief, and rejuvenation through essential oils can make a world of difference. 

So, why a multidisciplinary team? We believe that our patients deserve to be cared for in every aspect of their lives – body, mind, and spirit. Envision Hospice takes pride in providing exceptional medical care, compassionate living assistance and spiritual companionship, and intentional support in every area of life. 

If you’re interested in a collaborative team to care for your loved one’s holistic needs, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are always available to answer your questions, and our compassionate team is waiting to hear from you. Please contact us when you’re ready to start a conversation.

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